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Robert TATIN (1902-1983)

Robert Tatin was born in 1902 in Lavan and he passed away in 1983. He is a French artist known for having created a spectacular “art environment” which became the Robert Tatin Museum. Robert Tatin settled in Paris in 1918, where he held a number of jobs and at the same time, took part in various artistic activities. In 1950, South America, where he travelled for five years, gave him an international reputation. He discovered Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Tierra del Fuego, immersing himself in Native American culture. Throughout his life, Robert Tatin never stopped studying, following courses, reading or getting information.

The artist’s former house located in Cossé-le-Vivien, in Mayenne, was transformed by him into an “art environment”, which became a museum after his death.

Robert Tatin