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Simone PICCIOTTO (1930)

Simone Picciotto is originary from Egypt. Her paintings “tells fabulous stories, a gesture that draws its force from an inexhaustible reserve of images whose metamorphoses unfold in alluvium of painting, collage of wallpapers, fabrics, obsolete and incongruous objects, vestiges of a mythology of daily life, found in flea markets.

The artist proceeds by diversions, trap the understanding in plastic rebus, which leads us to a poetic error, in which all tracks are possible. If the gestural liberty induces a procedure similar to the exquisite corpse, the logic dictates the elaborated composition by layers, from which morphological hybridizations are born. Everything begins with the head, a sign of recognition for Simone Picciotto who remains attentive to the readability of the composition, as a part of the profusion of details. Her great drawing skills underlie her portraits and her dreamlike world born of her nocturnal dreams to which she gives shape and colors.

Her dreams, bachelardian, relive in scenes inhabited by bodies and transformation, which evolve in the air and aquatic funds whose disparate elements participate in their phantasmagoria. Colorist in verve, her palette releases tender and shimmering colors. A particular carnal flavor emerges from the materials marked by the ravage of time. The world of Simone Picciotto is that of enchantment.” – Lydia Harambourg