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Jacqueline B. (1928)

Jacqueline B., born in Perpignan, knew a difficult family situation. Placed very young in a religious institution and later on in a care institution close to Grasse, she devoted herself to painting from the 1950s. 

She passes with ease water painting, color pencils, feather ink, dry pastels. She draws and paints with a type of naivety that gives a childish character to her works, born from amalgams of feelings and memories. Her works tend towards figuration and abstraction, she explores different varied themes such as “naivety”, and scenes from the outside taken from her memories. Born on the paper is big faces of simple compositions and the symbolic figures referring directly to her personal experience, deformed bodies in different postures. Her work as a painter becomes her only passion and she shows great inventiveness in the repertoire of forms used. A continuity in the formal representation of the paternal figure shows, Jacqueline B summons the same forms, making this figure recognizable.

Jean Dubuffet discovered her work in the 1960s, bought around 15 of her works, dedicated an article to her in the booklet of art brut, n° 4, 1965 and organized an exhibition of her work in 1967 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Art) in Paris.

 The artist is considered as a classical artist and figure in Art Brut.

 Her works are a part of the Collection of Art Brut in Lausanne.