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Ignacio CARLES-TOLRÀ (1928-2019)

Ignacio Carles-Tolrà was born the 15th of December 1928 in Barcelona. At the age of 29, he settled in Zurich where he discovered the work of Jean Dubuffet, and after in Stuttgart. In 1960, he participated at the exhibition “L’Art Brut” at Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris (the Museum of Decorative Arts).

He paints with acrylic, draws with ballpoint pens, gouache and pastel, practices the collage of providential materials, privileging “accidents”. He finds his inspiration from life, nature, political and cultural events. His palette is vibrant and bright. Composed creatures, characters, bulls and bugs with protoplasmic contours, inhabit his universe. He also draws interlacing vegetal architecture or nests of birds with changing or varied colors. In his works, appear several inscriptions: questions, dialogues, signs (crosses, arrows, suspension points) that underline different lectures of reading.

Ignacio Carles-Tolrà maintained an important correspondence with Jean Dubuffet, with whom he met in 1969, who wrote to him: “Your work is radical, absolutely pure, it is also animated with a ravishing impulse that is powerfully impressive. And it holds a very high level of ‘mental overheating’ that rarely meets”. Ignacio Carles-Tolrà lives in Santander, Spain. His work is presented at La Fabuloserie in Dicy, in the collection Création Franche in Begles and in the Collection Neuve Invention in Lausanne.

portait ignacio carlès-tolra