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Gaël DUFRÈNE (1971)

Gaël Dufrène was born in 1971. He lives and works in Lanester in Morbihan, Brittany.
He developed since his early childhood a passion for trains, the technics and all of the rail equipment’s.

After having obtained a baccalaureate in mechanics, he began to accumulate his knowledge for the material in his notebooks that he abundantly illustrated, and gave himself the mission to retrace the world history of the rail.

These machines are for him artistic jewelry’s and techniques that is translated onto paper with a concern of unparalleled detail. More the machines are important and complex, more they inspire. He leads us to this universe that inspires him, a world of bolts, axels, metal and scrap and makes us discover the conquest of rail.

If his work takes its essence from the technical drawing, Gaël Dufrène delivers us an immense work, both poetic and unique that counts more than a thousand drawings.
Gaël Dufrène, presented and supported by the association ég’Art, has exposed at the Museum of Beaux Arts in Mons in 2015 and he was represented alongside Karl Beaudelere at the stand of the gallery during the salon of Outsider Art Fair in 2016.

portait Gaël Dufrène